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DX19 was a cooperation with the art-duo Rammatik (v. Marianna Mørkøre og Rannvá Káradóttir), who produced three short-films for our performances.


A talented team of individual musicians had live performances: Marianna Nagata, Dan Helgi í Gong, Rasmus Vigant Samuelsen and Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen. Composer Daniel Fogh and Tordis Vang also had produced music for our performances. Tordis Vang was also dj’ing in the hall prior to the performances.


The bootcamp for the participants was in Føroya Fólkaháskúla, 15-23 of July. Different choreographers had workshops in various dancestyles, e.g. contemporary, floorwork, house, dancehall and vogueing, and actor Annfinnur Heinesen had a workshop in dramatical expressions and performance.


This was the first time we had an ‘Open call’ for professional dancers from abroad. Anastasija Olescuka og Diana Webhi (DEN) amazed us with their special style of strutting; a new dancestyle in the Faroe Islands.

The wonderful group Tentacle Tribe (CAN) performed a piece, which was a blend of contemporary dance and breakdance.

Furthermore, DX19 had participating dancers from Switzerland, USA, Germany and South Korea.


Designer: Marina Hindberg Enevold

Lighting-engineer: Turpin Djurhuus

Sound-engineer: Baldur Meitil


Mentanargrunnur Landsins / Mentamálaráðið / Tórshavnar kommuna / Atlantic Airways / Nordisk Kulturfond / PE á Heykavegnum

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