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Our aim is to make Dansieksperimentid better and larger for each year. DX17 has been the greatest year so far with 52 participants and 5 performances. 

For the first time we had a common "bootcamp", which lasted five days, prior to the performances. The bootcamp was held at Føroya Fólkaháskúla in the middle of Tórshavn. The main purpose of these training days was to prepare for the performances. In addition to the seperate dancepieces' training there were some common workshops; Miran Ugljen and Elias Fernando Said Saleh, two guestperformers from Copenhagen, had a danceworkshop, and Annfinnur Heinesen, stage director, had a workshop in dramatic performance.​

​- part of a review from Røddin about DX17

"All in all; Dansieksperimentid 2017 was an extremely cool experience. We didn't only see beautiful dancing, but also some of the brightest Faroese voices. I was surprised many times during the one hour, and i would gladly watch it again."

- part of a review from Sosialurin about DX17​

"All the dancers knew that they were doing, and you really saw how much work they had put into it. to enhance the experience for both dancers and audience. The dancers and organizers succeeded in entertaining and capturing the audience in a really special manner."


Mentanargrunnur Landsins / Mentamálaráðið / Tórshavnar kommuna / Tjóðpallur Føroya / Dugni /

P/F Wenzel / Sjónleikarahúsið / KIMI / PE á Heykavegnum

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