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DX18 was a cooperation with the young and talented artist, Trygvi Danielsen (aka. Silvurdrongur), who read out his poems in interaction with the dancers.


DX18 also offered outstanding performances by singer and musician FRUM, and opera-singer Birita Adela together with Torkil Petersen on the piano. DJ Dan Helgi í Gong was playing in the hall before the opening performance.


Again this year DX18 had a training camp for all participants on Føroya Fólkaháskúla (16th– 22ndof July) prior to the performances, where various of the choreographers had danceworkshops, and actor Annfinnur Heinesen had workshops in dramatical expression and performance.


This year we had more resources to work with regarding the dancers’ clothing, where designers Martina Hindberg Enevold and Steintóra Gleðisheygg Joensen did an awesome job.


Lighting-engineer: Turpin Djurhuus

Sound-engineer: Baldur Meitil


Mentanargrunnur Landsins / Mentamálaráðið / Tórshavnar kommuna / Atlantic Airways / Betri / MáF / Sjónleikarahúsið / Okkara / PE á Heykavegnum

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